Types of Cards

Lower limbs

Examination Method card

Examine proficiently and with confidence. Outlines the examination method for the major short cases including Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Abdominal, Neurological (Upper/Lower limbs and CNS), Speech, Thyroid and Hands


Clinical Signs and findings Card

Revisit the most important signs in adult medicine in their clinical context. These cards also outline important differentials for common findings.

Pulm fibrosis

Disease and Pathology Card

Review clinically relevant information on pathology encountered in the exam

examination med

The Clinical Examination

Preparing for the PACES requires excellent competency in a large variety of skills ranging from history taking, examination, communication and ethics. The Thinkflash palm cards focus on the examination of systems and interpretation of signs, a key aspect of the clinical examination process. Cards are kept up-to-date with information from a wide variety of sources including information from leading textbooks such as 250 Cases in Clinical Medicine (Baliga) and Examination Medicine (Tally and O’Connor).

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A wealth of information at your fingertips

The Thinkflash App for PACES also contains over 70 in app links to various learning resources on the internet – including relevant videos.